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Using FASTA Files in ProSightPC and ProSightPD

High throughput searching is only possible if software can expect input files that are formatted in a predictable pattern. As the leader in High Throughput Top Down searching, Proteinaceous has developed its software to expect files that match the UniProt format. Proteinaceous generally recommends the use of UniProt text files or XML files because they […]

Online Slide Decks

Several slide decks related to top down proteomics are available for free download. These include: An overview of top down proteomics:   A short overview of ProSightPD:   An introduction to the ProSight World of Tools:  

Identifying Proteins in a Top Down Standard with ProSightPD 1.1.

A simple mixture of five proteins is used by the National Resource for Translational and Developmental Proteomics to check the health of their mass spectrometers prior to running clinical samples. The Top Down Standards mixture consists of the following proteins: 1 pmol myoglobin (M5696) 0.5 pmol trypsinogen (T1143) 0.5 pmol carbonic anhydrase (C2624) 0.1 pmol ubiquitin (U6253) Superoxide dismutase – SOD1 – contaminant is present in carbonic anhydrase An example RAW file containing data of Top Down Standard proteins can be downloaded and searched against a custom […]

Use the ProSight Lite App

Use the free ProSight Lite application available from Northwestern University for characterizing a single protein sequence. Download the software from here: http://prosightlite.northwestern.edu/.