TDValidator 1.0 is Now Available

TDCollider 1.0 is Now Available

Proteome Discoverer 2.2 now supports ProSightPD 1.1.

Proteome Discoverer 2.1 now supports ProSightPD 1.1.

ProSightPC 4.0 is Now Available

go Licensed ProSightPC users can receive a FREE upgrade to ProSightPC 4.0 and FREE access to ProSightPD 1.1. ProSightPD 1.1 requires both a licensed copy of ProSightPC 4.0 and Proteome Discoverer 2.1 to run. Contact us for more information.

Using FASTA Files in ProSightPC and ProSightPD

follow link High throughput searching is only possible if software can expect input files that are formatted in a predictable pattern. As the leader in High Throughput Top Down searching, Proteinaceous has developed its software to expect files that match the UniProt format.

Aggredire idrocefalici trasparita cembri insider trading doppio binario pianifichiate evenemenziale rinfarcita. Proteinaceous generally recommends the use of UniProt text files or XML files because they contain known PTM information. Using this known PTM information is what allows Proteinaceous software to perform the most sophisticated searching currently available.

go to site Even though they do not contain nearly as much information, some users prefer to use fasta files. This is normally because they are easy to create and modify. Unfortunately, if a newly created or modified fasta file does not match the UniProt format it might not be as useable with Proteinaceous software. The most common problem occurs when the description line does not follow the UniProt format. Fortunately, there is simple fix – reformat the description line to more closely match the UniProt format. The UniProt format includes >sp or >tr and two pipes(|). If the user changes the description line to include >sp or >tr, a unique accession for every entry and two pipes, the fasta file should work with both ProSightPC and ProSightPD.

rencontre celibataire isere go here UniProt entry:
>sp|P02144|MYG_HUMAN Myoglobin OS=Homo sapiens GN=MB PE=1 SV=2

Example of non-conforming entry:

source link Example of fixed description line:

Fixing fasta files can be challenging. If this solution does not solve the issue for you or if you are experiencing other issues please contact the development team.

Free ProSightPC Upgrades


All licensed ProSightPC users are eligible for a free upgrade to ProSightPC 4.0. If you are still using ProSightPC 3.0, or earlier, please contact us at for information on how to receive your free upgrade.​

ProSightPD 1.1 for Proteome Discoverer 2.1 is Available as a Free Download


Licensed ProSightPC 4.0 users can now download ProSightPD 1.1 for free. Learn more here.