Welcome to Proteinaceous, Inc.

Proteinaceous, Inc. develops software for precision proteomics. Our flagship product, ProSightPC is a suite of tools designed to identify and characterize proteins from tandem mass spectrometry analysis of intact proteoforms. We also offer the ProSightPD Plug-in for Thermo Scientific’s Proteome Discoverer 2.1 application. ProSightPD 1.1 provides new nodes for PD 2.1 that allow running ProSightPC searches of top down and middle down data within the Proteome Discoverer environment.

Important Announcement for Licensed ProSightPC Users

Licensed ProSightPC users can receive a FREE upgrade to ProSightPC 4.0 and FREE access to ProSightPD 1.1. ProSightPD 1.1 requires both a licensed copy of ProSightPC 4.0 and Proteome Discoverer 2.1 to run. Contact us for more information.

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